John Fager | Denver

Chief Technology Officer & Strategic Advisor


John Fager is the part time Chief Technology Officer and Strategic Advisor for Cold Springs Partners. Responsibilities include guiding the firm and associated organizations in technology selection, vendor guidance, planning, implementation, and successful operation of all technology and software solutions.

John began his career working in e-commerce, helping improve online sales for traditional retailers as well as web-focused startups. Using personalization, multi-variable predictive modeling, and the most modern web application technology available at the time, John rapidly increased web-based business against traditional call center catalog-based ordering.

After great success with in-house development of products and sales conversation applications, John moved to an agency that brought marketing and online sales conversions to many venerable brands, including AAA, Caterpillar, and Marriott.

Combining the lessons learned and needs of hundreds of client projects, John and his partners launched a successful SaaS (Software as a Service) offering. The team successfully operated large-scale enterprise cloud services for over 11 years, providing on-demand personalized marketing and content delivery.

Additional experience includes healthcare and patient portals, PCI compliance, HIPAA-covered systems development and management, and team management.

More recently, John has been a division director for cross-functional, full-stack Agile software delivery teams. P&L, hiring, onboarding program, mentoring, and oversight of all aspects of software engineering and delivery. Full-cycle enterprise projects including discovery, estimating, prioritizing, budget, velocity, architecture, infrastructure, backend, frontend, QA, CI/CD DevOps, and ongoing availability.